X-PORT™ DCC 120 (Dual Channel Combiner, 3D)

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About X-PORT™ DCC 120 (Dual Channel Combiner, 3D)

X-PORT™ DCC 120 (Dual Channel Combiner)

  • Push-in module easily fitted to the back of the projector
  • Allows for transition from passive to active stereoscopic 3D
  • Frame converts any two L/R single stream signals to one sequential 120Hz 3D stream
  • Frame converts any dual head signals to a single 120Hz stream
  • Can be combined with projectiondesign’s X-PORT™modules HDMI 3D, 3G-SDI or DisplayPort

X-PORT™ DCC 120 (Dual Channel Combiner, 3D)

X-Port DCC 120
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