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Visual experiences that ask to be shared with loved ones

Bring a true cinema to your own living room or private theater. Create an exclusive home theater for your yacht. Take in new media art canvasses that fit your unique architecture. 

Together with our partners, Barco Residential enables the most immersive entertainment and cultural experiences for customers to share with their loved ones. Turning video into a design material and creating architectural digital canvases for a range of experiences. 

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Barco residential

Using proprietary projection, lens and screen technologies originally developed for the most demanding professional applications including commercial cinema and advanced simulation applications, Barco Residential brings the pinnacle of visualization technology high-end residential installations to seamlessly blend in with the architectural design of your favorite rooms.
Our innovative technologies provide the highest level of image quality while also excelling in architectural integration flexibility. At Barco we understand that your interior design is a unique personal statement. That's why all our solutions are designed to complement and enhance the design of your home.


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