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Barco is a strong brand known for its technology leadership in three solid and healthy markets: Entertainment, Enterprise and Healthcare.
Building on sustainable advantages Barco has established global leadership positions in all of these markets. 

Since introducing the ‘focus to perform’ program in 2016 Barco has made measurable and steady progress primarily by rationalizing  the business portfolio and part of the footprint and by implementing value engineering initiatives. As a result the company significantly enhanced its gross margins and cash flow performance.  In 2019 the company resumed topline growth (+9%) with sales increases in all divisions.

The company is now implementing its “enabling bright outcomes”-strategy, building capabilities to become a successful hardware + software + service company, to capture more of the lifecycle opportunity of its solutions and as a result enhance the relationships with its customer base and strengthen the contribution of recurring revenues.  Confident that Barco has the required assets to further deliver sustainable profitable growth, the company is further expanding capabilities and focus on efficiency while resuming mid and long-term topline growth across the different business segments.

Why choose Barco?

  • Sizeable international tech company
  • Leadership position in selected markets
  • Large install base with strong customer loyalty
  • Solid financial results with opportunity for efficiency
  • Focused strategy to become a hardware + software + service company
  • Over € 200 million net cash position
  • Consistent dividend policy
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Barco NV Legal Entity Identifier: 549300N17QCD827TII61

Barco Inc. Legal Entity Identifier: 549300VZHO7QC2YUVO96

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Beneluxpark 21
BE-8500 Kortrijk, Belgium
Tel: +32 56 23 32 11
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Pres.Kennedypark 35
BE-8500 Kortrijk, Belgium
Tel: +32 56 23 32 11

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